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Data Security is no longer a luxury. With so much of (y)our companies or personal sensitive information being stored online, security and privacy are now necessities for everyone. But, just as more of our lives are going online, we are hearing about more data breaches, intrusions and hacks than ever. Your data, especially your sensitive data, is now a prime target for cyber criminals, and you probably are not as well protected as you might think.

Blockchain technology has been one of the major technological breakthroughs of this century. Bitcoin, the first Blockchain application, allows a network of users to perform transactions without requiring the trust of anyone on the network, or a third party. Everything is encrypted, and no one can tamper with the Blockchain without everyone else noticing immediately.

Blockchain technology is now ready to be used in distributed storage to;
1. Encrypt the data so that you are the only one with access to it.
2. Break up data into chunks.
3. Distribute (parts of the) files across a network in a way that means all your files are available.

When we started experimenting with blockchain technologies, we learned that the decentralized approach actually allowed us to organize secure storage for various types of data.

For businesses, blockchain opens a variety of new opportunities. It can still be considered a bit futuristic; however, it proves to be working the same way as the self-driven Uber taxi service. Imagine a safe and transparent system, accepted at the governmental level, allowing one to track and conduct legal operations with any kind of valuable assets: cars, data, houses, stocks and more.

"Even the Pentagon already thinks the blockchain technology can be used as cybersecurity shield. Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain have proved to be resilient, and the numerous new blockchain technologies offer even more promise in terms of extensibility and robustness, especially in the field of security."
(source : Forbes, Augusth 21 2017, '3 Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity' by Omri Barzilay)

So we studied everything we could possibly find about blockchain technology and are now using it for YOKdata.

In order to use our services, registration is required. After registration an email is sent to you with a confirmation link. When you confirm your registration you will receive another mail with your login details.

Once logged in, you will be able to access your subscription menu where you can change your subscription, change your account information and last-but-not-least upload, download and (depending on your subscription) share your files.

We use a secure (SSL) connection to connect with YOKdata and to up- and download your files.

When you select a file for upload to your storage on our systems, you will be asked for a private key to encrypt the file. DO NOT FORGET THIS KEY, BECAUSE OTHERWISE WE CANNOT DECRYPT YOUR FILE FOR FUTURE USE!! (You can use the same key over and over again when uploading files, but for best security we advise to use different keys every time you store data) Once your file is uploaded to our systems it will be encrypted using blockchain technology in combination with your key. Depending on the size of your file this will take a few seconds. After being encrypted your file will be divided in chunks of data and (again with the help of blockchain technology) these chunks will be stored on a variety of different systems based in various datacenters.

When you want to download a file from your storage area, you will be asked for the key again after which the chunks of data for this file will be collected and your file will be rebuild and decrypted.

With the above procedure and the combination of encryption and dispersal of data we are convinced we can give our users a secure and private storage that is extremely safe!