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Do you always have access to your BACKUP files?

Posted on Aug 25, 2021
Do you always have access to your BACKUP files?

I know what you are thinking.
Probably something like 'who cares', 'that is the responsibility of my IT department', 'all taken care of' or (last but not least) 'not for me, we have everything under control'.

But what if you would have been HACKED?
Still not interested? It becomes exciting when you cannot reach your backup file since it was part of the hacked environment. Worried about who has access to your files?
Or how to get access to them yourself to get back into business?

At Support2U we have developed a highly secure blockchain-based backup solution.
It is an integrated part of our YOKdata subscription based unique cloud data storage solution and is available as of now.

After uploading your backup files to our highly secured infrastructure, the files will be encrypted with Your Own Key and scattered across different locations (blockchain based). Only the file owner has the key to re-build and get back these backup files. But there is more: if needed, single files can be restored. You don’t have to restore the entire backup to get access to your files. (but only if your backup is built out of single files and not compressed).

Want to know more or try it?
Check https://www.yokdata.com or send us an email sales@yokdata.com.

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