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GuardianKey AI login protection integrated into YOKdata

Posted on Sep 8, 2021
GuardianKey AI login protection integrated into YOKdata

As of today the login for YOKdata users is even better protected than before.

We have integrated GuardianKey AI login protection into YOKdata and (depending on user subscription) our users as of now have the option to select GuardianKey as an extra watchdog for their account.

GuardianKey validates users, providing reduced losses from fraud, data breach, and other attacks.Their algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, psychometrics (or behavioral biometrics), contextual information, and threat databases create a robust system for verifying the identity and authenticity of users.
- No token, mobile or other device is required.
- The user is not required to use 2nd factors or extra actions.
- User data is anonymized, so no worries about privacy

The detection engine uses Machine Learning and a secret mathematical risk formula to combine the following three analysis approaches:
- Threat Intelligence
- Behavioral Profiling
- Psychometric Profiling (or Behavioral Biometrics Profiling)¹

Using these three pillars, their engine computes a risk for each event sent by the protected systems.

In real time, the online attempt can be blocked, an extra requirement can be requested to the user, or notifications can be triggered.