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Our main (storage) servers are housed in modern datacenters from our supply partner Cellnex. They are connected by high speed DC Spine internet fiber with multiple backups. We have storage facilities in various datacenter around the world to accomodate our users in case local laws require storage in your own country.

A short look around in our datacenter in Lelystad (NL) with a nice view of the surrounding area.

Our Cloud

Our main datacenters in Cellnex Media-towers on 24 locations in The Netherlands.

Datacenter details


By using Free Air Cooling, Cellnex saves up to 98% on cooling energy.
Due to the particularly high data center efficiency, this has resulted in energy savings for various customers of almost 50%!


The Cellnex data centers are compact and modular.
In the design of all Cellnex data centers, numerous provisions have been made to prevent downtime and to guarantee continuity.