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When you make a backup to YOKdata, we will give you access to 1 of our FTP servers.
On this you make a daily backup of your (company) data at a time chosen by you.

In your (company) profile you indicate when the backup can be retrieved by us from the FTP server.
At that time, the backup is automatically transferred to your YOKdata environment and is visible to you or the company administrators.

After the backup has been transferred, it will be deleted from the FTP server!

From the YOKdata environment you can download files from your backup again or you can request to restore a complete backup to the FTP server. For example, when you need a full backup in case of calamities.

Via the backup settings you can indicate how many of your daily backups you want to keep on YOKdata.

You can use backup facility in combination with all subscriptions.

Price per month
Size *  Price ** 
50 GB  10.00 € 
100 GB  15.00 € 
250 GB  30.00 € 
500 GB  45.00 € 
1.000 GB  75.00 € 

* When calculating the size, take into account the number of backups you want to keep. If your backup is 30Gb in size and you want to keep it for 3 days, then you need 90Gb of storage space.

** The stated price is on top of the costs of your normal YOKdata subscription.