Our company

Specialized in CLOUD solutions

Support2U (developers of YOKdata) is specialized in CLOUD solutions. Could be our own software (developed over the last 18 years) as a SaaS solution for our clients or the hosting of (dedicated) servers (co-location) and virtual workspaces.

We are a family business, established in 2001, located in Lelystad (in the center of The Netherlands).

Our website

YOKdata, to protect your data and empower your privacy!

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At Support2U (developers of YOKdata) we value (y)our privacy! In our opinion too many 'people' think they should be able to monitor 'us' by ploughing through our (private) data which we host in the cloud.

That is why we developed YOKdata.
To protect (y)our data!
Our team is constantly working on improvements of the website and services and further secure your data.

On the one hand by extending functionality, on the other hand by adding more and more storage and server capacity so we are able to spread your data.