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Airdrop YOK coin

General information
As of July 11th 2020 we organise an Airdrop for a total of 2 million YOK!

Anyone can earn YOKcoin by meeting (one or all of) the following criteria;

  • Follow our Twitter account @yokdata_nl and earn 25 YOKcoins
  • Join our Telegram group @YOKdata_Chat and earn 50 YOKcoins
  • Join YOKdata with a (free) subscription and earn 125 YOKcoins

The Airdrop is ended on July 24th 2020 at 24:00 CET.

You need to claim your coins via the form below. As of September 1st 2020 we will check the validity of all participants and, when validated, we will transfer the YOKcoin earned to their given wallet address.

More information on the YOKcoin;
- WhitePaper
- Resfinex exchange
- Saturn exchange - Uniswap exchange

Awarded YOK for Airdrop
0 2,000,000
1316100 YOK (pending verification)

The Airdrop has finished!

It is no longer possible to submit claims.