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YOKdata news and updates

Posted on Apr 9, 2021
YOKdata news and updates

Following changing legislation in several countries we have updated YOKdata in several ways and would like to inform you about these changes.

As you may have noticed several countries around the world have put legislation in place to 'prevent' (company)data is stored outside their borders. To support our subscribers from these countries whe have changed the technics behind YOKdata have, in co-operation with local partners, realized storage facility in their respective country.Without any required user intervention and without loosing functionality YOKdata will as of April 1st 2021 store data from users in these countries on local storage servers.Our main servers, storage, logic and control stay within our datacenter in The Netherlands but, if required by legislation, user data will be stored locally using the same encryption and blockchain technology as always.To be able to realize the above we have, besides updates on our technics, greatly enlarged our storage capacity and therefor setup our own servers in sophisticated datacenter around the world.

So, no worries about where your data is stored!It is in good hands with YOKdata and complies with local legislation!

And 1 other thing.We have recently changed our subscription options so that ALL users are now able to share data with co-workers, friends, family and others. No need for a payed subscription anymore to use file transfer!

And, last but not least, we have created a great way for you to support (further development of) YOKdata.Either buy YOK coin on crypto exchanges or take part in our private investor participation program.Read all about it on the website.