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New partner : Privacy Virtuoso (India)

Posted on Dec 27, 2019
New partner : Privacy Virtuoso (India)

We are happy to announce we have entered into a partnership with Privacy Virtuoso (India) for YOKdata (our secure cloud data storage).

Privacy Virtuoso Global is a well-recognised consulting & implementation company in India and MENA region, with its expertise in solving Privacy and Data Protection challenges with a business-oriented perspective. They are a recognized and instrumental in the Privacy Fraternity as a company with proven track records of end-to-end Privacy Management Services. They help their customers and provide solutions in the areas of Data Management & Governance, Privacy Risk Management and Privacy Engineering.

Privacy Virtuoso serves a variety of industries including FINTECH, HEALTCHARE, DIGITAL MARKETING & TELECOM and have offices in India, Qatar, Oman. Kuwait and Turkey.

More information on https://privacyvirtuoso.com/

Welcome to the YOKdata family!
Looking forward to our co-operation.