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Hackers stole €1.2m worth of cryptocurrency from 2gether

Posted on Aug 4, 2020
Hackers stole €1.2m worth of cryptocurrency from 2gether

2gether has disclosed a security breach, hackers have stolen roughly €1.2 million worth of cryptocurrency from cryptocurrency investment accounts. Hackers stole roughly €1.183 million worth of cryptocurrency from investment accounts of 2gether, 26.79% of overall funds stored by the accounts.The attack took place on July 31 at 6.00 pm CEST, when hackers compromised the company servers.

As you know, since last Friday July 31, we’ve been managing an extremely difficult situation which has brought us all a lot of uncertainty, caused by the hacking of a substantial part of all the cryptocurrencies available in the 2gether user accounts.” reads a security breach notification published by the company.

From the moment we became aware of the attack, we’ve been fighting nonstop on different fronts. First, we worked on stopping the hit, limiting the theft to ~€1.183M (which amounted to 26.79% of the positions in the user accounts in Kraken) and preserving the integrity of the euro accounts, the BTC & ETH wallets, and the 2GT accounts.

2gether is a crypto trading app, in which traders and beginners buy and sell cryptocurrencies at real market price, without added fees, in just one click. The native coin used by the organization is the 2GT token.

Full article on https://securityaffairs.co/wordpress/106726/hacking/2gether-hacked.html

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