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Salesforce policy change poses grave security implications

Posted on Aug 1, 2020
Salesforce policy change poses grave security implications

COVID-19 has completely changed our world from six months ago, as we continue to battle the grave health implications, face extended stay at home orders, and grapple with the insurmountable ramifications on our economy.

The pandemic has also forever changed the cyber threat landscape, with our workforce becoming more dispersed, and potentially more vulnerable, than ever as organizations switch out of the confines of their offices and move entire data streams to their laptops and home offices.

On top of this, Salesforce has announced it is ending its Data Recovery service on July 31st, which is putting all of the data protection responsibilities, and the dire consequences that comes along with it, on the backs of the customer. 

As we approach the end of the month, many Salesforce users are either unaware about this service coming to an end, uninformed about the critical implications that come along with it, or are under the false belief their SaaS data will still remain protected in some way. This paints a very dark (and potentially painful) future ahead and will put many businesses one natural disaster, ransomware attack or employee mistake away from costly disruption that could shut their doors for good.

A faulty solution for protecting and backing up data

Salesforce’s Data Recovery service was never the end all solution for data recovery and protection. It never was intended to be the first line of defense against accidental or maliciously modified records, but many came to see it that way for better or for worse. With the latest news about the service from Salesforce, they are the latest SaaS company to clearly state that backup and recovery is the customer’s responsibility.

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