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The Enemy Within: How Insider Threats Are Changing

Posted on Jul 18, 2020
The Enemy Within: How Insider Threats Are Changing

Insider-threat security experts unravel the new normal during this time of remote working, and explain how to protect sensitive data from this escalating risk.

Insider threats are ramping up – with new kinds of concerns in this category beginning to emerge.

This is happening against a heady backdrop: Makeshift home offices, a cavalcade of new distractions and a tectonic shift to the cloud have recently collided to create an entirely new world for enterprise security. It’s a world where companies are simultaneously trying to make all their information available to a diffuse remote workforce, while locking down their most sensitive information. Meanwhile, there’s an expanding roster of potential bad actors ready to take advantage of the confusion.

On the insider-threats front, when it comes to knowing precisely what valuable information your company has in its possession, privileged IT users and administrators are the most lethal. Insider threats like these can get easily overlooked, with catastrophic consequences to the entire business, from IT and marketing to customer service.

Ratcheting up the risk is the growing reliance on an independent-contractor workforce, coupled with dire predictions of upcoming furloughs and layoffs — symptoms of a pandemic-weakened economy.

Besides the motives of malice and financial gain, sometimes-innocent, accidental disclosures happen: That’s especially true now, when thanks to stay-at-home-orders, the lines between work, home, professional, family and school are more blurred than ever.

The way forward is a system that can monitor data in real time and even predict threats before they happen, according to Gurucul CEO Saryu Nayyar and COO Craig Cooper, who both recently participated in a Threatpost editorial webinar devoted to how businesses can protect against insider threats.

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