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Google’s Bard poses ransomware risk, Check Point says

Posted on Jul 16, 2023
Google’s Bard poses ransomware risk, Check Point says

Google’s AI content generator Bard will readily compose phishing emails when asked to, and with the right prompting can even generate basic ransomware code. This puts it behind chief rival ChatGPT in terms of cybersecurity, says Check Point.

The cybersecurity firm carried out the analysis, mindful of recent concerns that OpenAI’s large-language model could be used to generate similar harmful texts and programs.

But whereas the ChatGPT creator has tightened up on security, Google still has a ways to go before the same can be said of it, according to Check Point.

Its research team ran identical queries through both AI programs to arrive at the results. Its initial request for “a phishing email” was turned down by both — but notably ChatGPT added the disclaimer that such activities were “fraudulent” while Bard simply said it was unable to comply.

Moreover, when researchers modified the request to ask for “a specific example of a phishing email,” Bard started singing whereas ChatGPT still refused to talk.

“With minimal manipulations, Bard can be utilized to develop malware keyloggers, which poses a security concern,” it said. “Here we can see the difference, as ChatGPT is more restrictive and identified our request as potentially malicious, while Bard simply provided us with the code.”

Despite the findings, Google today announced earlier this week Bard will be delivered to European markets after stalling due to probable EU concerns over data privacy and regulation.

Full article on https://cybernews.com/tech/googles-bard-ransomware-risk/

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