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French 'Play Glory' video games leak user passwords

Posted on Mar 30, 2023
French 'Play Glory' video games leak user passwords

The French web-based games ‘Play Glory’ and ‘Play Astra’ developed by Ankama Games accidentally spilled the passwords of 50,000 players.

Cybernews discovered a publicly available database with 50,000 user account data entries.

Leaked data included usernames, passwords, security questions, answers, subscription status, and subscription expiration dates – all stored in plaintext format.

Researchers attributed the database to French web-based games Play Glory and Play Astra. Cybernews reached out to the developers, and at the time of writing, access to the database was secured.

The researchers first found the leak on October 21, 2022. Along with private user account-related data, the database also spilled tens of thousands of proxy addresses, credentials to access them, and internet protocol (IP) addresses for live and testing servers. The database was hosted by Hetzner, a data-center operator in Germany.

At first, researchers could not determine the owner of the leaked database. The database's hosting IP did not have any certificates assigned to it, and there were no web servers hosted on it that could disclose the owner's identity.

However, by analyzing the naming and structure of the database, researchers attributed it to the games Play Glory and Play Astra.

Full article here https://cybernews.com/security/gamer-password-leak/

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