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440GB of data from US-based temporary staffing agency APS leaked on hacker forum

Posted on Dec 14, 2020
440GB of data from US-based temporary staffing agency APS leaked on hacker forum

A 440GB archive that purportedly belongs to Automation Personnel Services, a US-based temporary employment agency, has been leaked on a popular hacker forum. Automation Personnel Services says the post-breach investigation “is currently ongoing and the scope and nature of the data impacted is not yet confirmed.”

According to the forum post, the archive includes confidential company data and sensitive documents related to Automation Personnel Services users, partners, and employees, such as accounting and payroll data, as well as various legal documents.

The archive was leaked on November 24. It appears to have been made public as a consequence of a failed negotiation with cybercriminals, after Automation Personnel Services apparently refused to pay the ransom.

The leaked data appears to come from Automation Personnel Services, which lists itself as “one of the leading temporary staffing agencies” in America, with more than 30 locations across the US. Established in 1990, the company offers its services to employers and job seekers from the manufacturing, technical, automotive, and other industries.

Since the data was made freely available in the final week of November, it’s safe to assume that multiple users of the hacker forum where it was posted had access to the data.

Full article on https://cybernews.com/security/440gb-of-data-from-us-based-temporary-staffing-agency-leaked-on-hacker-forum/

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