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Netwalker ransomware hits Argentinian government, demands $4 million

Posted on Sep 7, 2020
Netwalker ransomware hits Argentinian government, demands $4 million

Argentina's official immigration agency, Dirección Nacional de Migraciones, suffered a Netwalker ransomware attack that temporarily halted border crossing into and out of the country.

While ransomware attacks against cities and local agencies have become all too common, this may be a first known attack against a federal agency that has interrupted a country's operations.

According to a criminal complaint published by Argentina's cybercrime agency, Unidad Fiscal Especializada en Ciberdelincuencia, the government first learned of the ransomware attack after receiving numerous tech support calls from checkpoints at approximately 7 AM on August 27th.

"Being approximately 7 a.m. of the day indicated in the paragraph above, the Directorate of Technology and Communications under the Directorate General Information Systems and Technologies of this Organization received numerous calls from various checkpoints requesting technical support."

"This realized that it was not an ordinary situation, so it was evaluated the situation of the infrastructure of the Central Data Center and Servers Distributed, noting activity of a virus that had affected the systems MS Windows based files (ADAD SYSVOL and SYSTEM CENTER DPM mainly) and Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, etc.) existing in users' jobs and shared folders," a translation of the complaint stated.

To prevent the ransomware from infecting further devices, the computer networks used by the immigration offices and control posts were shut down.

According to Argentinian news site Infobae, this led to a temporary suspension of border crossings for four hours while the servers were brought back online.

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