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U.S. Voter Databases Offered for Free on Dark Web

Posted on Sep 2, 2020
U.S. Voter Databases Offered for Free on Dark Web

Some underground forum users said they’re monetizing the information through the State Department’s anti-influence-campaign effort.

Personal information for several million American voters has turned up on a Russian underground cybercrime forum, according to reports – and users are purportedly looking to monetize it using a recently launched State Department program meant to prevent election-meddling.

The personal information includes names, dates of birth, gender, physical addresses and email addresses, and election-specific data – such as when an individual registered to vote, voter registration numbers and polling stations – according to Kommersant, a Moscow-based newspaper.

The outlet reported Tuesday that several databases of voter data (including one encompassing 7.6 million voters in Michigan, and others covering between 2 million and 6 million voters each for Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida and North Carolina) turned up in an unnamed marketplace in late 2019. Now, that information is being offered for free in discussion forums by someone going by the handle Gorka9, according to Kommersant. The publication added that the hacker said the data was still valid as of this past March.

Full article on https://threatpost.com/u-s-voter-databases-offered-free-dark-web/158840/

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