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Browser-based cryptojacking on the rise in 2020

Posted on Aug 26, 2020
Browser-based cryptojacking on the rise in 2020

The latest online threat landscape thread report from cybersecurity firm Symantec shows that incidents of browser-based cryptojacking is on the rise in 2020.

The company released a report focused on Q2 of 2020 which reveals some of the major trends in the cybersecurity space during April, May, and June 2020.

A major takeaway is a spike in the number of browser-based cryptojacking incidents this year, which increased by 163 percent in comparison to Q1 of 2020.

Symantec highlights the fact that this covert modus operandi of computer hijacking had declined considerably in 2019 due to the fact that browser-based mining script maker CoinHive had been shut down in the first quarter of last year.

The cybersecurity firm’s proprietary software has blocked a considerable amount of cryptojacking events in 2020 and suggests that the increasing value of cryptocurrencies this year has incentivised cybercriminals to ramp up their cryptojacking initiatives. 

Cryptojacking usually involves attackers installing software on a user’s computer that covertly mines cryptocurrency with the use of that machine’s processing power. Users are often unaware that their machine is being used to slowly mine cryptocurrency.

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