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encrypted & dispersed data storage FOR BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL

Your documents, pictures etc. will be encrypted using your own personal key(s) and stored in multiple parts (by the use of blockchain technology) on our servers. Once stored, your files will only be accessible by you and you alone, since you are the only one with the proper encryption key(s).

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Online (chat) and Mail SUPPORT for all our clients

Online support is available for all our clients. Our helpdesk team is available for online chat and phone calls every business day from 09:00 till 17:00 (GMT+1). Outside business hours helpdesk will be covered by email support, which will be read regulary.

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superb reliability data storage with personal key

Once stored your files will only be accessible by you alone, since you are the only one with the proper personal encryption key(s). This means none of your files is readable by possible intruders without access to your key(s). Not even we (or our systems) are able te decrypt your files!


€ 0 .00 /month

Up to 1GB FREE encrypted and dispersed data storage.
512MB for free, addtional 256MB when you like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


€ 9 .00 /month

20GB encrypted and dispersed data storage.
For professionals who need more storage space and be able to transfer data.


€15 .00 /month

50GB encrypted and dispersed data storage.
Subscription for the experts who need more space and possibly transfer or email their files.


€90 .00 /month

100GB encrypted and dispersed data storage.
Starts with 5 Expert users and the possibility to share, transfer and email files.

We have a seperate FREE subscription available for students!
All functionality available and 5GB of storage space for a periode of 24 months!
Register for a free student subscription and upload your studentcard for verification.

data storage

all subscriptions

After being encrypted with your personal encryption key all your data will be stored, in various parts, on a mix of our servers.


Your own
personal key

all subscriptions

Once stored your files will only be accessible by you alone, since you are the only one with the correct personal encryption key.


Mail your

expert subscription

With an Expert subscription you will be able to mail your documents directly from the control panel without downloading them first.



all subscriptions

Once registered you will have access to a control panel to manage your profile, your stored files and chat with our helpdesk when needed.



all subscriptions

Apart from the encryption using your own personal key(s), your data will be protected by dispersion on various servers and our state-of-the-art firewall.



all subscriptions

As an extra security all your data will be part of a standard backup procedure which will make daily copies of all files to another (external) system.


shortly about us

Why we developed YOKdata

Why we developed YOKdata

At Support2U (developers of YOKdata) we value our privacy! In our opinion to many 'people' think they should be able to monitor 'us' by ploughing through our (private) data hosted in the cloud. That is why we developed YOKdata. To protect (y)our data!

24/7 Online support


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